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welcome the web site doesn't let me change the hours but 1-2 weeks  means 1-2 weeks and  5-6 weeks 

We will get you started on the right paw by creating your puppy’s behavioral plan to set a strong foundation for the rest of their lives. Our puppy training program will help you raise a well-mannered dog by creating boundaries and teaching important obedience for your pup at home.                   . Potty training




Home Manners

Education on proper socialization, healthy food/treats, and enrichment toys.                                                                                                             

Basic Board & Train  for 2 week’s  Manners 

Our sessions will help improve your dog’s behavior while creating better focus and control. Your trainer will teach you how to train useful behaviors and apply specific skills to build your dog’s manners. We will also address specific behavioral issues that are occurring in your home. 

Basic Obedience and some Advance: Sit, Extended Sit, Down, Extended Down, Come, Stay

Door Manners  & No jumping up on people 

Intro to walking on a loose-leash and Off leash heel

Impulse control & handling excitability                                                                               

Behavior Modification

If your dog has always shown these traits or has suddenly developed naughty habits, our specialized training program will focus on changing the bad habits to good behaviors!

Leash Reactivity (barking, lunging and growling at dogs & people while on walks)

Nuisance barking

Chewing and destruction

Resource Guarding

Excessive Jumping

Counter-surfing & Stealing food

Bolting out of the door     & nervous pee                                                            All inclusive:Remote collar, social media posts and follow up care

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